Working On Satie (cd & dvd) Celletti/Onze

from Alessandra Celletti

A precious box of music and images
Music composed and performed by Alessandra Celletti and inspired by Erik Satie
Images and movies by Onze

tracklist cd
01. The Typewriter
Riders of Dreams
02. The Lake
03. Concert in a Snowball
04. Down to the Surface
05. Ectoplasm I
Three Analog Landscapes
06. Empty Landscapes
07. Faces
08. Abstract Landscapes
09. The Metal Tower (minimal)
10. Ectoplasm II
Three Mechanical Thoughts
11. Absinthe Flowers
12. Dancing whith Satie
13. Corclerù
14. Ectoplasm III

Tracklist dvd:
The Typewriter
Empty Landscapes
Anstract Landscapes
Absinthe Flowers
The Sleepless City
The Metal Tower
Ectoplasm I
The Lake
Concert in a Snowball
Down to the Surface
Dancing with Satie
Ectoplasm III

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Pizzeria Stravinskij for the enthusiastic support and courage

This project is dedicated to the beautiful soul of Michael Sheppard and his dream of Transparency

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Alessandra Celletti Rome, Italy

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